IEEEXtreme 9.0

Think you can code? Prove it to the world on 24 October 2015. This year, like every year, for the 9th time in a row, on October 24th , IEEE organizes the 24-Hour Programming Competition IEEEXtreme!


IEEEXtreme is a global challenge, where teams consisted of undergraduate students-members or graduate students-members of IEEE from different Universities in the world, compete during the 24-Hour challenge in order to solve a series of problems using as main programming languages some of the following:  C, C++, C#, Python, Python 3, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Objective-C, Haskell, Clojure, Scala, Common Lisp, LUA, Erlang, Javascript, OCaml, GO, Groovy, VB.NET, Smalltalk, Tcl, R, RACKET, RUST, SWIFT, Pascal, BASH, D, F#.

IEEE Student Branch of Patras’ University, will participate to the competition for the 5th time this year. Last year more than 2.200 teams from more than 400 Universities in the world, participated to IEEEXtreme.  IEEEXtreme 8.0 was a huge event for the whole IEEE community. Especially in Patras 10 teams consisted of 25 people participated to the competition.

Due to limited number of places, the teams that will participate will be chosen and announced a few days before the competition.

So start making teams with your friends!

All the active contestants will recieve an IEEEXtreme 9.o T-Shirt and a Participation Certificate, while the winners on global level will receive big prizes.

The registrations have already began and will end on October 12th 2015. Please make sure to complete your registration before the deadline.



Register HERE


We remind you that only IEEE members can participate and the participation is free.

About more information and the rules, please read here.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.