LaTeX Workshop

latexLogoThe IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter of the University of Patras organizes on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 14.00-17.00 LaTeX Workshop at KYPES-II of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.


LaTeX is a markup language (markup language) and word processor for typing program TeX, which helps users to focus on the content of the text rather than its appearance. More specifically, it automatically determines the format of the document produced by type (article, report, book, etc.), the ranges and sizes of fonts, the best location for the placement of the images within the text, the contents and References. Also produces special mathematical symbols and simplifies writing complex mathematical equations.


Although initially seem difficult to learn, after some involvement and much less guidance can significantly simplify “life” of the user and help him greatly in the writing of diplomatic and not just work.


What does LaTeX and why you are interested as a student;


  • Professional-looking documents.
  • Supported by all operating systems.
  • Composes quickly and easily mathematical expressions.
  • It can handle very large texts.
  • Provides defined standards writing scientific text. (Paper, Thesis etc.)
  • Is free.



13.45-14.00 Arrival


14.00-15.30 Introduction to the family of TEX, Ep.Kath. John Dimakos


15.30-17.00 Advanced TEX Issues, Yp.Didakt. Mars Sinodinos


John Dimakos is Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at the Department of Primary Education, University of Patras, one of the founding members of the Association of Greek Friends TEX. The knowledge of the subject is the School Psychology with an emphasis in Psychology of written language. His research interests lie in providing psychological services in schools and in the study of written expression students schoolchildren.


Mars Sinodinos is a PhD candidate at the Department of Robotics, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras. The knowledge of the subject is the dexterity of robotic systems and the development path propelled robot arm. Dealing with systems of computational intelligence and their applications in the field of robotics.


Due to limited places in the computing center (56) requires expression of interest via EventBrite at by students and will alert those admitted directly.


Participants should before the workshop have made registration in


The workshop is free and is available to all students, although priority will be given to members of the IEEE if necessary.